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Stewed Beef

About Us

Established in 2016 , Id's Place has catered for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Functions, street food markets and also for the Entertainment, Production & Media industry. Our experienced and highly talented chef is dedicated to providing top quality, well-presented, flavourful Nigerian food.

One of our most notable achievements to date is a Netflix production in which we catered for two scenes in Season 3 of the popular show, Sex Education. The first was a wedding scene with 150 guests. We prepared 14 dishes, including a variety of rice dishes, soups, sides and small chops. The second was a more intimate scene in which we catered for 6 of the actors, providing traditional Nigerian breakfast foods. The wedding scene was filmed in Celtic Manor, Newport. It was a wonderful experience working with the cast and crew on set. Look out for our the food in the Wedding and Breakfast scene in Episode 6 of Sex Education!

We have catered in prominent locations around Wales, namely, The Millennium Centre, Miskin Manor, and Temple of Peace, on various occasions. 

We truly believe that food is at the heart of any event. Our main goal is to provide our clients with an unforgettable experience, working alongside you to discover your personal style and create a menu tailored to your specific needs. 

Meet the Chef


Idegbe Adoh 

Idegbe (Id) Adoh is the brains behind the creative, exquisite flavours of Id's Place Nigerian food. With a sharp attention to detail and a desire for perfection, every spoonful of food is infused with passion and heart. Id's innovative and inspired ideas have lead to the creation of unique dishes, that constantly push the boundaries of Nigerian cuisine. 

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